List of supplies

You will need the following materials :

computer, equipped with a webcam and a micro. 

Your computer must necessarily have an internet connection with good speed. You will be able to work on the platform and follow the streaming of videos online or live. It will also allow you to interact live during the webinars.

A graphic tablet 

It is your daily working tool. It will allow you to do the drawing work to be handed in, to draw the clothes, accessories and hats from your collection.

sewing table : 

This table is used to lay the fabric, cut, assemble, etc. It must be 2 m x 1,5 m minimum. It will be useful during your training and later on. 

A Stockman model Haute Couture :

This model must be in size 38 : it must not be changed by any other model. It is the gold standard.

A complete sewing kit :

Scissors including an electric one, long needles, red thread, ruler, “Bolduc” by the meter, sisal by the meter, pattern cloth etc. 

Some  materials and tools to make your creation :

A head shape in wood or resin, an ironing board and a stream iron, a sewing machine, leather, papers, feathers, beads, etc.

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